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Hi there, here is my pick today from

This is not my size, but I thought somebody would love these Prada leopard clogs, especially with $400+ discount.

Prada leopard clog

Prada leopard clog

Price: US$ 299

New with box!

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I found this adorable candy color clutch from MIU MIU on today,

MIU MIU clutch / purse

MIU MIU clutch / purse

Price: US$ 1025

Sold out model, new with tags, and you will be saving about $600!!

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Beautiful Prada ribbon wallet in black!

Prada ribbon wallet

Prada ribbon wallet

US $419.99

I would love to receive this wallet as a gift 😀

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Plada striped wedge

Prada striped wedge

Price: $399.99

This runway look can be found on eBay, believe me or not.

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Hi there!

It’s about time you start thinking about Christmas gifts… How about this jumbo tote?

Jumbo brown prada tote

Jumbo brown prada tote

New with tags!

Price: US$ 595

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Hi everyone, I think you’ll like this wonderful beige nappa gaufre bag  on 😀

Prada nappa gaufre bag

Prada nappa gaufre bag

Prada nappa gaufre bag
GBP 400.00 (about US $655) or make a offer

in excellent used condition, what do you think?

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Hi 😀

I found this beautiful, iconic bird clutch style wallet today on

miu miu wallet

miu miu wallet

“The Bird” Miu Miu Wallet
Price:  US $299.99 or Make a offer.

What do you think? I think it’s a wonderful deal.  Good luck!!

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Hi everyone 🙂

I found this Prada mens wallet today on

Prada mens wallet

Prada mens wallet

Prada mens wallet
Price: US $269.99

Isn’t this a perfect gift? great price!

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Hi there,

This pretty orange clutch from Prada caught my eyes on!

Prada clutch

Prada clutch

Beautiful, isn’t it?
Prada Clutch

Price: US $865.00

pre-owned condition but hey, you get few scratches anyway right after buying it brand new.

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Hi there!

It’s summer time, have you been enjoying the weather?

I found this gold Miu Miu sandals on!

MIU MIU gold sandals

MIU MIU gold sandals

Miu Miu Gold Sandals

Price $129!!

Brand new without box.

Retail price is $595, what a saving!

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