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Plada striped wedge

Prada striped wedge

Price: $399.99

This runway look can be found on eBay, believe me or not.

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Hi there!

I found this beautiful MIU MIU ankle strap heels on today 🙂

Miu Miu Ankle Strap Heels

Miu Miu Ankle Strap Heels

Miu Miu red canvas ankle strap heels
Price: US 145.94 or Make a offer

I think this style will never go out of style, and a pair of red heels are must haves for any women.

Why not get a MIU MIU pair for cheap?

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Take a look at this gorgeous killer heels from Miu Miu!

It’s on right now 😀


miu miu heel

miu miu heel


US $379.99

Brand new!

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I think these heels by Miu Miu are amazing.

Miu Miu by PRADA Amazing Heels

Miu Miu by PRADA Amazing Heels

These are now on

These are $770 retail BUT US $459.00 if you buy them off of eBay 😀 is there for you to find amazing deals of Prada goods on eBay.

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These amazing ruffled Prada sandals are now on

Prada ruffle heels

Prada ruffle heels

There are matching purses listed on too.

Price: US $349.99

Amazing Prada shoes with amazing price! Where to find??


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Prada Fairy runway shoes

Prada Fairy runway shoes

Gorgeous stunning Prada shoes from fairy series is now on!

I love everything about this shoes. So creative and unique.

Price: US $638.99 can help you gorgeous and rare Prada items listed on eBay!

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Nice Prada calzature donna is now on

Prada Calzature Donna "Canapa painted" wedge!

Prada Calzature Donna "Canapa painted" wedge!

You can get this gorgeous Canapa painted wedge sandals for a very discount price.

Price: US $ 299.00 can help you find gorgeous and rare Prada goods listed on eBay.

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Ladies! another must have from PRADA is now on

Prada Spuntate Raso Heels

Prada Spuntate Raso Heels

Amazing heel style. I love!!

Price: US $ 289.99

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I have been enjoying the great weather lately, finally warming up!

These sandals from Prada would be perfect for the new season, don’t you think?

Prada crocodile sandals

Prada crocodile sandals

Such luxurious crocodile leather.

I think you will enjoy these sandals for years to come.

Price: US $: 475.00

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Calzature Donna heels by Prada

Calzature Donna heels by Prada

Beautifully hand crafted shoes by Prada.

Open toe, great for the season!

Elegant and Unique! This is why I love Prada so much:)

Buy it now price: US $299.99

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