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Look at this looker from

Turquoise Prada Clutch

Turquoise Prada Clutch

A simple dress will be elevated to high fashion with this clutch!

US $1,500.00

or Make a offer.

Original retail isΒ $2100.

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This beautiful lavender silk evening bag by Prada is now on!

prada silk jeweled evening bag

prada silk jeweled evening bag

How gorgeous!

price: US$ 549

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Hi there πŸ˜€

I found this gorgeous wallet today, on!

The gems are so adorable!!

Parada jewel wallet

Parada jewel wallet

price: US $400.00 ~ auction


US $500.00 buy it now option

Retail price for this pretty wallet is US $550.00 plus tax!

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gorgeous gorgeous Prada metallic blue python jeweled purse from 2009 collection is now on

PRADA Metalic Blue Python purse

PRADA Metalic Blue Python purse

price: US $669.00

The original retail price is $1395, you are saving over 50%!!

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I love this purse! Very pretty.

Prada jeweled camel leather purse

Prada jeweled camel leather purse

This pre-owned but amazing Prada purse definitely has more days to enjoy!

US $759.99

Its retail value is $1,450.00 so you are getting quite a bargain!

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Very cute wallet/purse from Prada is now on

prada jeweled wallet purse

prada jeweled wallet purse

Cute right!?

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Really cute Prada Raso Stones Corallo handbag is now on

PRADA Pink Evening Bag

Prada Raso Stones Corallo handbag

How adorable!

This Prada Raso Stones Corallo handbag would be a perfect piece for any formal events or parties! So chic and playful.

Spring/Summer 2008 Collection.

Price: US $ 640.00 or make your best offer.

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One thing I have to say about PRADA heels is that they are HOT!

Prada Spuntate Raso Heels

Prada Spuntate Raso Heels

This amazing Prada shoes would be great for any parties, or weddings, or office!

They’re just beautiful. The crystals on the heels are brilliant.

Price: US $ 399.99

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There is a lot of pretty Prada handbags on right now.

I chose this gorgeous Prada evening bag to blog.

Prada evening bag

Prada evening bag

Clear and black jeweled details make this clutch bag so stunning.

The best part is the price. It is only $750!!

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