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Hi there!

I know this is not PRADA wallet, but I was searching on eBay and found this gorgeous wallet by Paul Smith. It’s a used condition, but thought it’s worth checking…

Paul Smith Wallet

Paul Smith Wallet

Paul Smith Wallet

It’s a auction starting at US $19.99

Also, I am liking these floral boots from Dr. martens.

Dr. Martens Floral Boots

Dr. Martens Floral Boots

Dr. Martens Floral Boots

New with box!! US $175.00

Go to the link ===> DR. MARTENS for more good finds!

I’ll stay in the topic next time! Check out for Prada deals on eBay!


Check this super pretty Prada Bauletto handbag!

It’s on right now!

Prada handbag

Prada handbag

Price: US$ 1200

great pre-owned condition. I think this Prada handbag is so adorable!

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Check out this cute PRADA Green Cosmetic Bag I found on!

I am a big fan of this green<3

PRADA Cosmetic Bag

PRADA Cosmetic Bag

Price:  US$125

This Pre-owned gem would be a perfect gift to self 😀 Little bit of luxury.

Check out for great gift ideas:) You can save lots of money shopping on eBay!

Hi there 😀

I found this gorgeous wallet today, on!

The gems are so adorable!!

Parada jewel wallet

Parada jewel wallet

price: US $400.00 ~ auction


US $500.00 buy it now option

Retail price for this pretty wallet is US $550.00 plus tax!

How can you save so much money? shop on eBay 😀 will help you find perfect PRADA goods listed on eBay.

So spring has arrived for a lot of the part of the earth already… unless you live way up north…

It is about time for the need of sunglasses.

Prada sure do have nice ones!

Prada sunglasses

Prada sunglasses

I don’t know about you, but I like saving money.

I like shopping but still like saving money:) so eBay becomes handy, there are a lot of great deals! can help you find great authentic Prada goods listed on ebay:)

If you are looking for Prada sunglasses, try

Today’s great findings on

Very rare to see really nice bag like this on eBay… and amazing price!

Prada handbag

Prada handbag

Price: US $597.00

or make your best offer

Also FREE SHIPPING for US. This marchant ships worldwide too.

Nice peach color…Brand new!
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This bag is so cute! I personaly want this so badly…

This PRADA runway ruffle bag is now on, where you can find discout prada on ebay!

Prada ruffle bag

Prada ruffle bag

Buy it now price: US $699.95

End time: Mar-15-09 16:44:03 PDT

It has 3 days left… and you don’t have to bid it to get it, pay $700 and it’s yours:)

Don’t miss this amazing oppotunity!

Prada clutch

Prada clutch

My favorite style from Prada, this pretty clutch bag is now on, for you to get discount Prada off of ebay!

Current bid: US $102.50
End time: Mar-04-09 17:57:40 PST

Classic look!

Black leather handbag from Prada. I love the logo style….

This amazing Prada purse is on ebay right now! don’t miss out. Check out for more great findings!

Black Prada purse

Black Prada purse

Buy it now price: US $659.99

End time: Feb-19-09 03:12:05 PST

This PRADA backpack is available on, where you can find great discount prices for prada!

You can bid this Prada backpack on ebay!

Current bid: US $50.00

End time: Feb 13, 200902:40:16 PM PST

If you are looking for Discoutn Prada can help you!