Hi there,

I think this Prada purse is very cute, and stand the test of time…

prada python bag

Prada python bag

Price: US $1,095.00

Pre-owned condition

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Beautiful Prada cross body bag!

Prada cross body bag

Prada cross body bag

Iconic Prada bag for fraction of retail price

Price: US $665.00 or Make a offer

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So pretty! I think I’m in love with this wallet…

This is a Prada turquoise leatherย  jeweled wallet, you can check it out on authenticprada,net

Price: US $589.00

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Hi ๐Ÿ™‚

Thought this cute Prada wallet would make a perfect gift for someone…

Brown Leathr Prada Wallet

Brown Leathr Prada Wallet

Price: GBP 229.99

Approximately US $364.70

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Prada bag

Prada bag

Hi! I thought this Prada bag was very cute. You can find it on authenticprada.net

Price: US$ 999.99

Brand new with tags!

Hope you all are having wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas!


I found this charming cross body bag by Prada on authenticprada.net today ๐Ÿ˜€

Prada Cross Body Bag

Prada Cross Body Bag

Price: US $899.00

Save 40% by shopping this cute purse on eBay!

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looking for a perfect gift for your husband/boyfriend? I thought this bi-fold PRADA mens wallet was classy & unique at the same time.

Black and blue leather woven together… how cool!?

Mens Prada Wallet

Mens Prada Wallet

Price: US$ 245

This seller ships worldwide, it would work for special long-distance someone too ๐Ÿ˜€

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I thought this white PRADA leather wallet from authenticprada.net was very X’masy…

Prada White Leather Wallet

Prada White Leather Wallet

Price: 419.99

The price isn’t super discount, but still you don’t have to pay tax (depending on where you live) if you buy them on eBay!

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Hi there, here is my pick today from authenticprada.net

This is not my size, but I thought somebody would love these Prada leopard clogs, especially with $400+ discount.

Prada leopard clog

Prada leopard clog

Price: US$ 299

New with box!

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I found this adorable candy color clutch from MIU MIU on authenticprada.net today,

MIU MIU clutch / purse

MIU MIU clutch / purse

Price: US$ 1025

Sold out model, new with tags, and you will be saving about $600!!

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