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Hi ๐Ÿ˜€

This very cute saffiano walletย  is on right now.

Prada Pink Metallic Wallet

Prada Pink Metallic Wallet

Price: US $169.00 or make an offer!

This pre-loved Saffiano wallet will be the highlight for the winter to come:) very cheery looking.

plus, I love the “make an offer” option too. I feel good buying pre-loved pieces myself, less guilt for shopping ๐Ÿ˜€

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I found this very cute miu miu wallet today, on

miu miu wallet

miu miu wallet

Price: US $289.00

This new wallet would be perfect gift for yourself or someone important for you:)

why so affordable? shop on eBay, you can save alot of your $$$.

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Hi there ๐Ÿ˜€

I found this gorgeous wallet today, on!

The gems are so adorable!!

Parada jewel wallet

Parada jewel wallet

price: US $400.00 ~ auction


US $500.00 buy it now option

Retail price for this pretty wallet is US $550.00 plus tax!

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Christmas is coming!!

This cute & stylish PRADA wallet would make a very special gift.

It is now on !

Prada silver wallet

Prada silver wallet

PRADA Saffiano Continental Long Wallet

Price: US$ 325

Regular retail price for this wallet is $410! so saving almost $100!!

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You don’t have to go out to the madness with people shopping in a mall, you can comfortably shop from home with

Prada Purple Wallet 2009

Prada Purple Wallet 2009

PRADA Tessuto Pietre Purple Jeweled Wallet is now on

Price: US$ 340.00

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I personally have the same wallet, without jeweled part in black. I highly recommend to anyone because it is very easy care,ย  looks great, and very useful.

Great gift idea for birthdays, or holidays:D


Very cute wallet/purse from Prada is now on

prada jeweled wallet purse

prada jeweled wallet purse

Cute right!?

price: US $499.00 is there for you to save a lot of money purchasing Prada goods off of eBay.

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Adorable pink leather wallet from PRADA is now on

Metallic Pink Leather wallet from PRADA

Metallic Pink Leather wallet from PRADA

Price: US $429.00 is there for you to find perfect discount PRADA product listed on eBay.

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This cute PRADA wallet is now on

PRADA Wallet

PRADA Wallet

Isn’t this wallet CUTE!?

Current Bid: AU $162.50

End time: Feb-02-09ย 16:33:06 PST

It’s ending in 10 hours! good luck….

So it’s a new year, andย  some of you might be looking for a new wallet to keep your fresh cash.

I found this GREAT deal on today, you can bid this wallet on ebay! It has never been used!!

PRADA wallet

PRADA wallet

The reason why I recommend this wallet is, I have a similar one myself, with same shape and material. My style has different logo style… but It is very light, practical, yet you can feel laxurious. Mine was A LOT more money than this great deal though.

Current bid:US $51.00

End time: Jan-22-09ย 17:43:23 PST

It’s ending soon, don’t miss out on this great deal!

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