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Hi there 😀

I found this gorgeous wallet today, on!

The gems are so adorable!!

Parada jewel wallet

Parada jewel wallet

price: US $400.00 ~ auction


US $500.00 buy it now option

Retail price for this pretty wallet is US $550.00 plus tax!

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This gorgeous gorgeous PRADA orange leather Doctor Bag is now on

Prada Orange Leather doctor bag

Prada Orange Leather doctor bag

price: US $499.00


How is it so affordable? It’s on eBay!

This pre-owned, but in great condition doctor bag can be yours.

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Hi there,

This pretty black leather purse by PRADA is now on

PRADA Black Leather Pleated Purse

PRADA Black Leather Pleated Purse

Price: US$ 775

Retail price for this purse is $1350, so you are saving hundreds!

I obviously like this purse since I have used it on my blog banner:)

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